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Getting a house rewire job done on your Santa Monica home is a big decision. However, there are fewer decisions that can be more important for the safety of your Santa Monica home and the safety of your family. Old residential wiring in the walls of your Santa Monica home can be dangerous and potentially cause electrical shock or fires behind the walls of your home. That’s why Santa Monica residents looking for an electrical contractor with home rewiring experience call My Santa Monica Electrician Hero.

How Does a House Rewire Work?

We show up with the tools to make sure that the home rewiring job is done right and at a minimum of disruption to the rest of your life. We do that by drilling small holes in the walls of your home and removing the residential wiring from behind the walls. That way there’s no tearing down of the existing walls. By working one room at a time, we only have to shut off the electricity in those rooms and not your entire home.

Why Do I Need this Done?

You need it done if you have old knob and tube wiring, cloth wrapped Romex wiring or aluminum wiring. That kind of wiring is decades old and was made for homes that were not designed to handle the power needed for today’s electronic equipment and appliances. That’s why putting that kind of demand on those old wires can cause fraying and lead to a fire. Non-grounded two-holed electric sockets could cause an electrical shock.

How Much and How Long?

How much and how long depends on the size of your Santa Monica home and how much old residential wiring needs to be removed. That’s why the important first step is to get a free estimate so that we can give you an idea of how long it will take. Most house rewire jobs take a few days up to a few weeks.

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